SWPE Container Tippers are going to make those awkward tasks much easier for you, your business, your workshop or your sports team.

Designed to fit a standard 20 litre container** your tipper can either be wall mounted or sit on the ground, either way it will keep all those containers up and off the floor.

They are simple to use, just tip to pour. No mess, no fuss.

The self-righting feature means pouring can be kept under control.

These fantastic SWPE Container Tippers don't have to be used solely for greasy, oily products.

Have you got a thirsty sports team?? Leave the tipper on a table, on the ground, or in the boot of the coach's van... and drinks can be poured when you are ready for them.

Use an open top container and store other items, such as ropes, chains etc

** container not included